Heavenly Sips: Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Heavenly Sips: Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Welcome to Angel’s Envy Bourbon: A Heaven in Every Sip

Angel's Envy Bourbon

Angel’s envy bourbon is one of the most talked-about bourbons in the market today. This premium bourbon has gained a cult following, and for good reason. From its rich and complex flavor to its unique aging process, Angel’s Envy Bourbon truly lives up to its heavenly name.

The Story Behind Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Bourbon was born out of a father-son duo’s love for whiskey. Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson and his son, Wes, set out to create a bourbon that would honor Lincoln’s 40 years of experience in the spirits industry. Together, they crafted a bourbon that was a true testament to their craftsmanship and passion.

The process begins with a traditional bourbon mash of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley. What makes Angel’s Envy Bourbon unique is its finishing process. After aging in charred new oak barrels for four to six years, the bourbon is then transferred to port wine barrels for an additional three to six months. This extra step adds a layer of depth and complexity to the bourbon, making it stand out from the rest.

Tasting Notes: A Heaven in Every Sip

Angel’s envy bourbon has a beautiful golden color and a nose that is both spicy and sweet. On the palate, it showcases flavors of caramel, vanilla, and oak, with a subtle hint of dark fruit from the port wine finish. The finish is long and smooth, leaving a warm and satisfying feeling with each sip.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon is bottled at 86.6 proof, making it a smooth and easy drinker. It is perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks, but also holds up well in cocktails. Its distinct flavor profile adds a unique twist to classic bourbon-based cocktails like the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan.

Where to Find Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel’s envy bourbon is available in limited quantities, making it a highly sought-after spirit. It can be found in select liquor stores and bars across the country, or online through their official website. Due to the high demand, it is recommended to purchase a bottle as soon as you come across one, as it may not be available for long.

In Conclusion

Angel’s Envy Bourbon has quickly become a must-have for whiskey lovers and collectors alike. Its unique finishing process sets it apart from other bourbons, and its exceptional flavor makes it a worthy contender for any top-shelf collection. Whether enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail, Angel’s Envy Bourbon is a true heavenly delight for the taste buds.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a heavenly sip of Angel’s envy bourbon today and experience the magic for yourself.

Angel’s envy bourbon truly is a bourbon like no other – a heaven in every sip.

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